Plain Harness Leather Belt

Plain Harness Leather Belt
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These Custom Harness leather belts are made from thick oak tanned leather from a U.S. tannery. They are oiled, hand stained and waxed, with beveled and burnished edges. They have five holes one inch apart with your measurement to the middle hole as shown in the diagram below.

Belt Colors
belt colors
Dark Brown  Medium Brown    Light Brown     Tan

Belt Colors: Hand staining natural leather is like staining wood. Every piece is different. That is one of the things that gives my belts soul, magic, excitement or whatever it is that production belts lack. The colors above are as close to the true colors as I can get. They, plus Black, are standard colors. I have adjusted the colors in the top band to be as close to the true color on my monitor as I can. The bottom band is what the camera saw. In actuality the colors in hand finished leather will vary within the same piece of leather similar to the way the color of wood varies in antiques.


Measure a belt you have from the end of the belt buckle to the hole you use on that belt. That becomes the center hole measurement for your new belt as shown on the diagram below. Be sure to measure correctly as shown. All belts are custom made and cut to the length you order, they are not returnable for incorrect size. Be aware that your pants waist size is not your belt size. The belt is one layer higher than your pants and is usually about 2" longer than your pants size, so measure to assure satisfaction.

If your measurement needs to be 1/2" longer than on the menu, you can tell us that in the comments window on the check out page.
Measuring Instruction Diagram