Guarantee and return policy

Leather Good Stuff guarantees all products to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

All belts are custom made to your length and choice of color, no items are "In Stock", they are not returnable unless they do not match your specifications. Do not order a selection of items to decide which you want to keep.

If the stitching, snaps or fasteners fail prematurely in normal use I will repair or replace them free of charge for one year from date of purchase.

Items made in non standard colors, styles, sizes or options not shown on this site, made to your order, are guaranteed against defects in workmanship but are not returnable. Monogrammed items are not returnable. Belts are custom made to your order and are not returnable because of wrong size. It is up to you to actually measure according to the instructions. While I screen the leather for defects that I can see, the leather and the finish on it are still the responsibility of the tannery where they were made.

Return Policy

Leather belts are custom made for you in your size and are therefore, by definition, "Non Standard Items". They are not returnable unless they are not made as ordered.

To return an unused item or a defective item for repair, E-mail for a return code and the correct return address. There is the MN factory, the WI factory and the GA factory. We will tell you where to ship the return and give you a return code.

All returns must be properly packaged to prevent damage and be returned within 30 days to the correct address postage paid. If you feel the item is defective put a note in the package with the item describing the defect. If the item is found to be defective we will repair or replace the item and return it to you or refund the full purchase price. All new unused merchandise must be accompanied by a copy of your receipt and order number. (Which was emailed to you when your order was shipped) Shipping and processing fees are not refundable unless the item is found to be defective.

Normal wear and tear is not a defect. Neither is damage caused by your dog chewing on it, backing your car over it or damage caused by, washing it in the tub, pouring Coca Cola over it, baking it in the oven or any use for which it was not constructed. Worn out leather, as in shutting the strap in the car door and dragging it 20 miles is not normally considered a defect either. Over the years these things have happened.

If something like this does happen you can return the item for repair. Because I want the entire experience of owning something I made enjoyable I may not charge you for the repair depending on how serious the damage is. I will, for sure, charge you for the repair the second time your dog chews on the leather. You will be charged for return shipping in most cases.

Worn out zippers and zippers damaged by improper use are not considered defective. I will replace them for the minimum repair charge and shipping costs if they are at the end of their normal life. I will replace them for free if they appear to have failed prematurely because of improper installation. Including a check for the same amount it costs you to ship the item plus the minimum repair charge will speed up the return of your repaired item.

It is your responsibility to determine that any product made by Leather Goods Connection is suitable for your use. I cannot accept responsibility for suitability of a product for any use, especially when that product was made to your specifications. Any custom order is to be considered a prototype for which it's suitability for use has not been determined. In all cases my liability is limited to the cost of any repair and shipping charges.