Dark Brown Bridle Leather Belt

Dark Brown Bridle Leather Belt
Dark Brown Bridle Leather Belt
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Top grain 10-12 oz American Bridle Leather belt, drum dyed Dark Brown and finished at the tannery. Our Bridle Leather belts have beveled, burnished and dyed edges. Garrison buckle is fastened with matching Chicago Screws that come apart by unscrewing from the bottom using a flat screwdriver. Belt has five holes with your measurement from inside end of buckle to the center hole.

Measure a belt you have from the end of the belt buckle to the hole you use on that belt. That becomes the center hole measurement for your new belt as shown on the diagram below. Be sure to measure correctly as shown. All belts are custom made and cut to the length you order, they are not returnable for incorrect size. Be aware that your pants waist size is not your belt size. The belt is one layer higher than your pants and is usually about 2" longer than your pants size, so measure to assure satisfaction.

If your measurement needs to be 1/2" longer than on the menu, you can tell us that in the comments window on the check out page.
Measuring Instruction Diagram

For Bridle Leather belts over 44", other widths, Bridle Leather belts with harness edge stitching, or other buckle choices, visit our custom made site LeatherGoodsConnection.com