Leather Good Stuff Custom made in the USA

  Your source for custom made wallets, belts and other Leather Good Stuff shipped direct from our N. E. Georgia factory to you.
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  With over 40 years of experience we have the equipment and know how to produce professionally made leather work belts, ranger belts, and wallets using the finest American harness and bridle leathers.
  Our Craftsmen are making and shipping these quality leather goods in seven days or less from our factory, shown above.

Trucker Wallets

Trucker Wallets  Available trucker wallets are three of our large Ponderosa wallet styles with chain or braided leather lanyard and belt loop, the small Ponderosa wallet, a three fold biker wallet, the trucker wallet with flap and two snaps, and our Roper style West Coast wallet with chain and belt loop clip. Click on the image or "Trucker and Biker Wallets" on the left menu to view these wallets.

Ranger Belts

Ranger Belts  There are two ranger belt types offered here. The Bridle leather Texas Ranger belt and the Harness leather Texas Ranger belt. Click on the image or "Bridle and Harness Leather Ranger Belts" on the left menu to view these Ranger Belt choices.

Mens Hand Sewn Wallets

Mens handmade Wallet  This hand sewn wallet is the toughest wallet, and perhaps the last wallet you will ever own. Made from hand stained and waxed oak calfskin, takes a couple weeks to break it in... a fun process.

Calfskin Wallets

Mens calfskin Wallet  Five styles of Buffalo Calfskin all leather wallets are available. Three bifold wallets, a three fold wallet, and the Hipster Passport wallet shown on the left. This leather is thin and strong, machine sewn with folded edges. Click on the image or on the "Calfskin Wallets" link on the main menu to view these wallets.
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Bridle Leather Belts

Bridle Leather Belt  1-1/2" and 1-1/4" wide Bridle leather belts in, Natural (shown on the left), Light Brown (chestnut), Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Black. This is thick Bridle leather from a U.S. Tannery. Click on the image or on the "Bridle Leather Belts" link on the main menu to view.

Harness Leather Belts

Harness Leather Belt1-1/2" and 1-1/4" wide Harness Leather Belts, hand stained and waxed belts. Edges are beveled burnished and sealed, with your choice of solid brass or nickled brass buckle. Thick Harness Leather cut from "Bends". This is the thickest and strongest part of the hide. Click on the image or on the "Harness Leather Belts" link on the main menu to view these belts.